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Author: Mordisquitos

Let’s Begin from the Beginning

Beginner, there is no beginning; beginning is made as you begin.

“And what do you begin?” Well, the beginning.

“Yes, sure, but the beginning of what?” How should I know? If I knew I wouldn’t need to begin it—I would begin something else. Beginning is everything until it is no more. Then it is nothing.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, it’s you bullshit again.”


Going back to the topic, right now beginning is two things: that you are, and that things are the way they are. “OK, cool. So what thing are you?”. I don’t know. Why are you asking? “Well you just said it”.


Ah, now I see it.

Let’s see, take two. Beginning is two things: that right now you are, and that things are the way they are right now. Do you get it now? “Yes”. It is that you are. “I know”. It is not what you are. “Yes dammit, I got it already you bore!”.

Good. With this, we’ve reached the end of the beginning. We’ll begin anew from the beginning some other time. “For fuck’s sake! You’re cutting it off halfway aga

Things are the way they are

Things are the way they are and you can’t do anything to get around that. “Ah, but you can!” —you might say. Why yes, in many cases you can indeed do something. And then what will things be like?

Hopefully things are now in a different way, but whatever happens, whether you succeed or not: things are the way they are —again. “OK then, things are the way they are. But you can change the way they are to the way that you wish them to be!”. It’s true, that is sometimes the case. But sometimes it is not. This is the way things are, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

“Oh, come on! You’re just being difficult for the heck of it”. Do you really think so?


Do you?

“…well yes”. Then I guess that is the way things are.

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